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19th/early 20th c. American Paintings, esp. from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska; also, American Western and Wildlife

Eustace Paul Ziegler (1881-1969) - King Island Eskimo

Eustace Paul Ziegler (1881-1969)
King Island Eskimo
20 x 16 oil/board.
Ziegler’s Alaska native portraits were his trademark and no other artist has come close to depicting their character as did Ziegler. He treated them as individuals in a sympathetic but unsentimental fashion.
King Island is located 40 miles west of Cape Douglas in the Bering Sea. The Island is primarily precipitous rock, 700 feet high and approximately one mile long. The area encompasses 4 sq. miles of land and 3 sq. miles of water.
The Island was named by Captain Cook in 1778 for Lt. James King, a member of his party. In 1900, the Eskimo name was reported to be "Ukiwuk." The village was occupied during the winter by approximately 200 Eskimos, who achieved fame as hunters and ivory carvers, and who lived in walrus-skin dwellings lashed to the face of the cliff.