Private Art Dealers Association


PADA Appraisal Service

There is now a service that provides prompt, reliable appraisal of fine art by acknowledged experts from a broad spectrum of specialities.

The Private Art Dealers Association is an organization of sixty established and respected dealers whose various fields of expertise range from Old Masters to Contemporary Art. PADA has instituted its appraisal service to provide appraisals exclusively for accepted donations to charitable organizations and for estate tax purposes. PADA is qualified to make appraisals in these specific instances as outlined in the IRS Publication 561.

Individual attention is given to each work of art. Fees are very affordable and appraisal costs are fully tax-deductible.

Response to all requests is prompt.

Appraisal Categories

African American, American, Contemporary, Drawings from all periods, Latin American, Modern, 19th c. European/Impressionist, Old Masters, Photography, Prints, Sculpture

Appraisal Process

The following must be provided PADA by the client.

  • Information Form
  • Signed Appraisal Agreement
  • Signed Fee Schedule
  • Five professional quality color photographs, jpegs, or transparencies

Immediately upon receipt, these materials are distributed to appropriate experts for valuation. To protect the privacy of the client, only information directly related to the work of art is forwarded.

When all valuations have been returned and reviewed, a formal appraisal is prepared and sent to the client by the Appraisal Coordinator. When appropriate, a copy of the IRS Form 8283, is included.

Appraisal Forms

Appraisal forms are available from the PADA office.
Printable Appraisal Brochure